Chris Kennedy


Sessional Instructor, University of Toronto, Mississauga

  • CIN401H5S – Topics in Cinema Studies: Experimental Filmmaking Practice, Winter Semester, 2019

Sessional Instructor, OCAD University, Toronto

  • INTM 2B02 The Moving Image: Cinematic Form & Practice, Fall Semester, 2013
  • INTM 2B29 Video for Artists I (two sections), Winter Semester, 2013
  • GART 1B06 Time-Based Media, Fall Semester, 2012
  • INTM 2B29 Video for Artists I, June 4-27, 2012

Sessional Instructor, Trent University, Peterborough, ON

  • CUST 3185Y, Film Workshop, June 25-August 2, 2012

Lecturer in Art, University of Virginia, McIntire Department of Art, Spring Semester, 2011

  • Taught Introductory Cinematography II and Intermediate/Advanced Cinematography II within a fine arts setting. The introductory class focused on learning 16mm color filmmaking, digital editing with Final Cut Pro and sound recording and editing. The Intermediate/Advanced class was a critique seminar based on individual student projects augmented by an experimental film history module.

Workshop Instructor, Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto

  • Editing on Film, March 17 2012; July 21, 2012
  • Super 8 Filmmaking (at Braeburn Neighbourhood Place), July 11 and August 3, 2011
  • The Bolex 16mm Camera, March 14 2010; July 10, 2010; and September 25, 2010
  • Location Sound Recording, March 7 2009

Teaching Assistant for Jun Jalbuena, Film History, San Francisco Art Institute, Fall 2007

  • Helped develop and teach a polyglot survey of cinema up to 1960.

Teaching Assistant for Kent Long, Experimental Cinema (Production), San Francisco Art Institute Pre-College Summer Institute, July 2007

  • Worked one-on-one with students to teach them direct cinema, filming with the Bolex and analogue editing.

Graduate Assistant for Janis Crystal Lipzin, Graduate Art History: Oppositional and Stigmatized Film, San Francisco Art Institute, Spring 2007

  • Assisted with course-planning and presented lectures on Black British Cinema, The Hour of the Furnaces and the work of Harun Farocki.

Equipment Trainer for the Filmmaking Department, San Francisco Art Institute, 2006-2008

  • Trained students in film and video cameras and the JK optical printer.

Teaching Assistant, FILM 110: Film, Culture & Communication, Queen’s University, F/W 1998-1999

  • Lead a biweekly seminar on the issues being discussed in the general lectures.

Marker, FILM 250: Fundamentals of Production, Queen’s University, Spring/Fall/Winter 1998-1999