Chris Kennedy


14 minutes, 16mm, color, 2009

Shot on Mount Tamalpais, a spatial matrix replaces temporal causality with contiguous space. A view of landscape is taken apart, to be reconstituted through memory. The grid, a reference to the “veil of threads” invented by Albrecht Dürer as an aid for perspective drawing – to transfer vision to a sheet of paper – is used for an opposite effect – to disperse a landscape across time. The viewer is asked to remember the space as it passes and reconstitute it from memory, actively connecting the image across space and time.

Light Cone

Michael Sicinski
Darren Hughes

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Light Cone

Selected Screenings:
Wavelengths, Toronto International Film Festival, September 10-19, 2009
WNDX Festival, Winnipeg MB, September 30 to October 3, 2010
13th Antimatter Film Festival October 8 to 16, 2010 Victoria, BC
“Keeping Trace – On Time And Film”, curated by Marlene Rigler, Art Cinema OFFOff, Gent, Belgium, November 8, 2010; TIFF Cinematheque, Toronto, February 23, 2011; CinemaSpace, Montreal, March 26, 2011
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, May 6-8, 2011
“Landscapes on Film”, curated by Aolfe Desmond, Experimental Film Club, Irish Film Institute, Dublin, Ireland, May 19, 2011
Chicago Underground Film Festival, June 2-9, 2011
Fila K Cineclube, Coimbra, Portugal, September 10, 2011
Alchemy Film and Media Festival, Hawick, Scottish Borders, October 26-28, 2012
“Northern Light – Lumière du Nord”, curated by Benjamin R. Taylor, Visions Montreal, September 1, 2016
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Experimental Tuesdays, Tamalpais, September 27, 2022
Screening LAV #13, Cine Studio de CBA, December 17, 2022