Chris Kennedy

Simultaneous Contrast

5.5 minutes, 16mm, color, silent, 2008

The striped pattern of the municipal bus shelters in San Francisco becomes a fixed foreground behind which the city passes. Spatial oscillations provide a constantly permutating play of figure, ground and space, imaging the possibility of being two places at once.

Light Cone

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Light Cone

The Doubling of Space Award, Jury Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2010

Selected Screenings:
European Media Arts Festival, April 22-26, 2009
63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 17 – 28, 2009
Chicago Underground Film Festival, September 10-13, 2009
Cine-X, Olympia Film Festival, November 7-16, 2009
Stem Cell: Subterranean Edmonton Media Arts Festival, February 11-14, 2010
The 18th $100 Film Festival, Calgary, Alberta, March 4-6, 2010
48th Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 23-28, 2010
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, April 30-May 2, 2010
Media City 2010, Windsor, ON, May 25-29, 2010
“the space between two impossible landscapes”, curated by Images Festival, Goethehaus, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 21, 2010
“In Front of Our Eyes”, curated by Adam Paradis, Video Underground, Jamaica Plain, MA Sept 30, 2010
“Images Festival Spotlight”, EX!T, Experimental Media Art Festival in Taiwan, November 27, 2010
The Niche at the Fine Arts Library, curated by Lydia Moyer, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, July 1-August 18, 2011
8th Berlin International Directors Lounge, February 13, 2012
“L’Autre urbain, la métropole post-moderne”, Mire, Nantes, France, June 6, 2012
“Tales from the Northern Underground”, curated by Clint Enns, Experimental Response Cinema, Austin, June 16, 2014
Havana Film Festival, Cuba, December 8-17, 2016