Chris Kennedy

Selected writing on film

“Experimental Film and Video”, Canada On Screen Digital Catalogue, 2017.

“Brûle la mer: A Welcome Returned”, with Sam La France, Mice Magazine #2, online November 2016.

“Evan Meaney: the well of representation,” Millennium Film Journal 56 (Fall 2012): 11-12

“17th Media City Film Festival,” MIRAJ: Moving Image Review & Art Journal, Vol 1:2 (September 2012): 287-291

“Strategies of the Medium IV: In 27 Seconds”, Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), November 21, 2009 (PDF)

“In Present Tense: Films of Ute Aurand”, San Francisco Cinematheque, November 4, 2009 (PDF)

“Strategies of the Medium III: In the Dark – Alex MacKenzie”, LIFT, October 10, 2009 (PDF)

“Intersections of Vision and Sound: la cellule d’intervention Metamkine” Musicworks 94 (Spring 2006): 38-43. (PDF)
Reprint Courtesy of Musicworks magazine.

“The Outsider: Sami van Ingen.” Film Print 25:6 (2005): 8-11. (PDF)

“A Brief History of Interventions through Film.” Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film Catalogue. Durham Art Gallery, August 2002. Pg. 2-7. (PDF)

John Smith Films and Videos (1976-2001), Pleasure Dome, September 22, 2001

Music Writing

Music Reviewer, Musicworks, 2003-present.


“Akio Suzuki Performs the World and Its Elements,” Musicworks 115 (Spring 2013): 37-43. Full text.

“Olivia Block: Electroacoustic Improv with Aural Artifacts,” Musicworks 112 (Spring 2012): 18-23.

“Reunion of Reunion: the Ghosts of Cage and Duchamp,” Musicworks 111 (Winter 2011): 12-19.

“Mapping the Gesture: Performative Space, Performative Sound,” Musicworks 107 (Summer 2010): 16-23. (PDF)

“Sending and Receiving: Anna Friz, a breath in the radio world” Musicworks 106 (Spring 2010): 25-31. (PDF)

“Intersections of Vision and Sound: la cellule d’intervention Metamkine” Musicworks 94 (Spring 2006): 38-43. (PDF)

Article reprints courtesy of Musicworks magazine.

Assorted Publications

“Chris Kennedy and Tomonari Nishikawa.” Cinematograph vol. 7: Speaking Directly: Oral Histories of the Moving Image. Edited by Federico Windhausen. San Francisco Cinematheque, 2014. pgs. 130-158.


“Searching for the Invisible Man.” Projecting Questions? Mike Hoolboom’s Invisible Man between the art gallery and the movie theatre. Edited by Michael Maranda, Art Gallery of York University, 2009, pgs. 50-62.
Full text here.


“Temenos 2008: A Place Apart” (w/Sarah Robayo Sheridan), Camerawork, Vol. 36 No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2009): 38-39.


Editor (w/ Tom Taylor), Blueprint for Moving Images of the 21st Century. Exhibition Catalogue. Pleasure Dome, 2003.


“Blind Spots.” Landscape With Shipwreck: First Person Cinema and the Films of Philip Hoffman. Edited by Karyn Sandlos & Mike Hoolboom, Images Festival, 2001. pgs, 191-193.

Other projects

the acrobat, 2007, installed as a video projection.
Re:Play, curated by Sarah Wylie Ammerman VanMeter, Lexington Art League, Kentucky, September 23-October 16, 2011

Tamalpais (installation version), 2008, 16mm film + 35 photographs.
SFAI MFA Graduate Exhibition, Herbst Pavillion, Fort Mason, San Francisco, May 16-24, 2008

My Dixie Darling, 2007, video, 1 minute.
Humour Award, The One Minute Film & Video Festival, 2007

Trace, made with Seo Wontae, 2007, masking tape installation.
Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, October 21-27, 2007

slipping beneath, 2006, single channel video installation.

Late Spring, 2006, video, 9.5 minutes.

Intersection, 2005, video, 1 minute
Selected for VideoDictionary, 2005

Faultlines, 1999, 16mm/Digital Video, 11 minutes.